If you have previously experienced "hit and run trainers" you will find us to be very different. Our carefully selected trainers genuinely subscribe to our values and are committed to training and positive outcomes. All trainers have 'hands on' and managerial experience as well as an excellent training record. They are knowledgeable, up to date, genuinely warm and lively.

Our courses are designed to be accessible to people of diverse backgrounds and experience. Our trainers are eclectic in their approach, providing information and employing experiential learning techniques. Trainers engage the group in a variety of activities so that they are kept 'on board' and so that material is meaningful. Some of our clients wish to have formal courses and some less formal. We adapt well to each group and the different needs of individual learners within it.

Course material is always consistent with current practice guidelines and legislative requirements. Wherever possible this is linked to the individual organisation's policies. It is important to us is that our courses impact on practice to the benefit of all; most importantly the service users.