Formulation and Review

Within our Trainer and Consultant group we have a rich pool of talent. Our colleagues have a proven track record in their area of expertise; at practitioner and management levels. Our collective knowledge base is second to none and we are therefore in a position to offer you this service in a variety of ways.

• • We can review existing policy ensuring that it is up to date; both legislatively and in terms of current practice.
• • We can rewrite your policy to make it more accessible and meaningful to the reader.
• • We can draft policies from scratch.

This is not an “off the shelf” service. Each piece of work undertaken is individually packaged for the specific organisation. After an initial briefing the consultant would put forward a costed proposal that would then be negotiated. Following this, a more formal contract would be agreed.

The consultant would then proceed to research the area as it relates to your organisation. This may mean additional discussions with a variety of personnel, scrutiny of other policies and documentation etc. Consultation with a variety of players may be appropriate e.g. service user focus groups.

An initial draft would be put forward to you for consideration and further development would result. This process would continue until the final product is agreed.


Our consultants are able to help with the induction to new policies. This could take the form of a presentation to senior staff or management committees or induction sessions for other staff. This could also incorporate full training sessions for staff.