Organisational Reviews

We undertake full organisational or departmental reviews. Our review specialist, Donna Green is meticulous in her methodology and highly experienced in reviewing and providing recommendations for small and larger organisations.

After an initial telephone discussion, Donna would put forward a brief proposal and after approval and contracting for the piece of work, would have a face to face meeting to discuss finer detail. Donna would then construct the full schedule for approval.

Costs are based on a daily fee and timescales would be agreed at the contract stage.

As each project is unique and would reflect the specific needs of the individual organisation, we cannot provide a generic plan for reviews. However, to provide you with some idea of what this might entail, we provide an example of a schedule that was prepared for a voluntary organisation in London.

For reasons of confidentiality, we have significantly altered details of the organisation concerned.

We would be pleased to provide references of other work undertaken.

Dear X

Re: Organisational Review

Having studied the brief it appears that the purpose of the review is two-fold:

• Strategic: ‘to secure the long-term welfare and security of residents’ - taking into account the requirements of external and internal stakeholders

• Operational: to undertake a total quality audit with a view to ‘maintaining and developing the highest standards of accommodation, care and support’ – taking into account the principals of Best Value and the increasing requirement of stakeholder for evidence of outcomes



1. DESK-TOP REVIEW OF: the organisation’s current strategy and business plan; its governance structure, profile (skills/experience) of the Board of Trustees; last two annual reports, last set of audited accounts, staffing structure, last NCSC report, list of policies and procedures in place and staffing structure.

2. MEETING WITH CHAIR: to confirm the scope of the review: the attached proposals are, therefore, subject to amendment following this meeting.


3. SWOT ANALYSIS considering the following areas: referrals and occupancy; requirements of external stakeholders, quality of care, environment, finance, competition, staffing and communication. Exercise to be carried out with: Board of Trustees and with staff. This process to include a discussion with service users and their representatives/advocates which would take the form of a review of the service (i.e. a limited SWOT review). To consider the possibility of telephone interviews with identified key external stakeholders, if considered appropriate.

4. REVIEW OF EXISTING STRATEGIC PLAN in the light of the above


5. REVIEW OF EXISTING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – Care; Staffing; Finance; Environment - do they meet/exceed requirements of National Care Standards, Supporting People Aims, legislation, best practice etc? Are they written in such a way that they can be evidenced through quality audits? Is there a system of internal quality review?

6. REVIEW OF EXISTING COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – are they sufficient to meet the needs of the organisation currently? Into the future?


This will include recommendations for revisions to reflect strategic and operational targets/goals identified and could include a review of the existing business plan, if considered appropriate.


Point Action Days*
1 Desk-Top Review 1 day
2 Meeting with Chair ½ day
3 SWOT analysis: Board and Staff 2 days
4 Service User Review ½ day
5 Analysis of results (to include review of current strategy) 2 days
6 Review Policies/Procedures 4 days
7 Day to be spent on-site 1 day
8 Review communication systems 1 day
9 Writing up recommendations 3 days
TOTAL 15 days

* This time-table is, at this stage, an estimate only. We reserve the right to agree revisions with the Board of Trustees following the scoping meeting and at any subsequent stage should the brief change or issues come to light which were previously unforeseen.