Learning Disabilities

Abuse Awareness (Learning Disabilities)
Accessing and Sharing Information
Advocacy for Support Workers
Ageing & Learning Disabilities
Aggression and Violence
Autism (Advanced)
Autism Awareness
Bereavement and Loss
Care Act (Half Day)
Care Act (1 Day)
Care and Support Planning
Care and Support Planning Advanced
Care and Support Planning (Half Day)
Care and Support Planning (Risk Assessment)
Challenging Behaviour
Challenging Behaviour Autistic Spectrum Condition
Challenging Behaviour - Dual Diagnosis (Learning Disabilities and Mental Health)
Challenging Behaviour (Learning Disabilities)
Change & Loss (Learning Disabilities)
Communication and Profound Learning Disabilities
Death, Dying and Bereavement
Dementia & Down’s Syndrome
Dementia & Learning Disabilities
Dignity in Care (Advanced)
Dignity in Care Awareness
Disability Awareness
Down’s Syndrome & Fulfilling Lives
Dual Diagnosis (Learning Disability & Mental Health)
Effective Communication Skills
Employment and Learning Disabilities
Empowerment in Learning Disability Services
Engaging with Vulnerable Adults with Communication Difficulties
Epilepsy - Good Practice
Equality and Diversity (Learning Disabilities)
Falls Prevention
Families of Service Users
From the Institutions to Fulfilling Lives
Health Action Plans
Healthy Living & Nutrition
Learning Disability Awareness
Lone Working & Personal Safety
Lone Working & Risk (Learning Disabilities)
Makaton (2 Days)
Makaton Follow On Course
Makaton (Introduction)
Medical perspectives of Learning Disabilities
Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Mental Capacity Act including DoLS for Social Workers/Senior Practitioners
Mental Health Act
Neurological Conditions
Person Centred Planning (PCP)
Person Centred Risk Assessment
Pressure Care and Prevention of Pressure Sores
Report Writing and Record Keeping
Self Harm & Learning Disabilities
Sensory Impairment
Sexuality and Learning Disabilities
Skills Assessment & Goal Setting (Learning Disabilities)
Skills Teaching
Substance Use (Learning Disabilities)
Support and Care Planning
Support and Care Planning Advanced
Support and Care Planning (Half Day)
Support and Care Planning (Risk Assessment)
Supporting People to be a part of their Community
Training the Trainer in the Mental Capacity Act
Violence and Aggression
Women's Health