Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that nobody receives less favourable treatment for an unfair reason. We recognise that in the UK, unfair reasons are considered to be those enshrined within our legislation and consequently our commitment to equality must always be read in conjunction with our commitment to diversity.

‘Valuing everybody as an individual’, (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). This means that we not only promote equality on the basis of discrimination legislation but in terms of all other differences also.
Our values are also based on our belief that Diversity enriches our personal and professional experiences and that much of the success of Norman Mark has resulted from this.

Our commitment is not tokenistic: it is a deeply held belief based on our personal experiences as well as our observation of, understanding and empathy with those individuals and groups. It is reflected in all aspects of our activities; including:

• In the learning environment - we strive to promote and role model anti-discriminatory language and practice, inclusion and flexible training, taking into account the diversity of learning styles. We challenge discriminatory language and behaviour and commit to feedback to clients any concerns arising in this respect during training days.

• Recruitment and Management of Trainers and Centre staff - Pre-interview information highlights our commitment to Diversity and Equality and our interview process ensures that applicants share our values and beliefs and are able to put these into practice in the course of their work e.g. appropriately challenging individuals or groups within the learning environment. The manner in which appointments are made is consistent with current Good Practice.

• Our written documentation: our policies and procedures, Trainers’ Handbook, learning programmes and course profiles. ‘Person Centred’ principles (sometimes referred to as ‘Rogerian’) underpin our work. These principles have much in common with those of ‘Diversity’: these principles can be seen clearly throughout our written documentation and are made ‘live’ during our transactions with others both within the learning environment and outside of it.

Our Code of Practice ensures that our commitment to Diversity and Equality is unambiguous and remains uncompromised at all times.