Course Profile

Course Profile: Staff Consultation and Influencing Skills (1 Day)
This lively course provides staff with a clear understanding of the often misunderstood process of consultation and the basic skills needed in order to act as a staff representative.
Through a range of experiential exercises, they will explore how to effectively represent the views and feelings of the staff team, using communication and consultation skills.
The course provides some knowledge for
ACAS ’Employee communications & consultation’ (2009)
CIPD Consultation Report

The course is designed for all those who are or are preparing to take on this role. Managers and other staff would benefit by understanding the role and process and how it can promote the ‘health’ of the organisation.
The course will assist in meeting the CQC fundamental standard  ‘Good Governance’
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • What consultation means and how it is different to negotiation; legal aspects
  • Why consultation tends to work and how it links with the staff representative
  • How the staff representative is different to a trade union representative
  • The role and responsibilities of a staff representative and others in the organisation
  • What the representative will actually do; different methods and systems
  • The communication skills required for an effective contribution to the consultation process:

                        -Listening skills
                        -Feedback skills
                        -Facilitation skills etc

  • The need to remain objective and resist manipulating others’ input
  • An awareness of the dangers of Projection
  • Conduct in meetings and how to give feedback assertively so that it can be heard
  • The resources available
  • Future training needs
Training methods utilised are highly interactive and include: a considerable amount of group simulation, Role-play, Trust exercises , Word-storming, Feedback, Discussion, Tutor presentations, PowerPoint Presentations, Role-play, Handouts