Course Profile

Course Profile: Social Work Law
(For Children’s Services)
(1 Day)
This course will give an overview of the law impacting on children and young people, particularly child protection and children looked after by the local authority. It will give a view of procedures and the rights that need to be accorded to service users, in the very complex world of the family court.

The course will touch on the most widely used legislation in child care practice as well as guidance notes and statutory instruments that impact most heavily in practice.
The course provides some knowledge for
QCF Units CYP 3/1, CYP 3/2, CYP3/6, CYP3/7, SCMP3, SHC32, YPO06, CYPOP7
The course is designed for Carers and workers who need an appreciation of legal principles underpinning child care practice

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • How law impacts on and informs social work practice
  • Laws that are most commonly used in practice
  • The distinction between legislation, case law and guidance
  • Using case law and guidance as an integral part of practice
  • Child protection law
  • Court skills and the family court
  • Court orders and their ramifications for parents, carers and children and young people
Training methods utilised include: Presentations, Games, Activity sheets, Feedback, Discussion, Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Group work, DVD and Handouts