Course Profile

Course Profile: Skills to Foster (3 Days)
Using the Fostering Network course, we deliver a systemic and social pedagogic course that puts the young person at the heart of the training.  Utilising group work exercises, video and interactive techniques, this course takes potential carers through the legal, practical, administrative and emotional steps involved in fostering.

Leaning on our comprehensive experience of foster care and working with carers, this course has been constructed to involve potential carers, allowing them to reflect on their role.  From attachment to social pedagogy, childcare law to safeguarding, this course focuses on the practical day-to-day skills that all foster carers need, linking into the training, support and development standards in England and other professional development qualifications.

The course is an essential resource for anyone involved in preparing new applicants for the challenges of fostering. It provides flexible training that supports all foster carers taking on different types of placements, including family and friends fostering.
The course provides some knowledge for
CYP 3/1, CYP 3/2, CYP3/6, CYP3/7, SCMP3, SHC32, YPO06, CYPOP7, CYP3/5, CYPOP1,
CYP3/3, CYP3/4
The course is designed for Potential foster carers

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • The law revolving around foster carers and child protection procedures
  • What foster carers do
  • The importance of your own thoughts and feelings about fostering
  • The team around the child and a foster carer’s responsibilities
  • Multi-agency working
  • Understanding young people’s behaviour
  • Identity and belonging, heritage and life chances
  • Holistic care
  • Reflection and managing feelings
  • Safer caring and risk assessment
  • Managing allegations
  • Ending a placement
Training methods utilised include: Presentations, Games, Activity sheets, Feedback, Discussion, Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Group work, DVD and Handouts