Course Profile

Course Profile: Risk Assessment (Service User based) (1 Day)
This one day course, designed for Health Care & Support Workers, aims to provide the knowledge for them to undertake Risk Assessment and Management plans linked to Support Plans. A range of areas are examined including the complex issue of choice vs. control, the Duty of Care and neglect. The course also provides guidelines for practice involving deciding who will be involved, identifying risks, justifying conditions whilst at the same time safeguarding service users’ individual rights. Much of the course will focus on the specific organisation’s policy and paperwork.  The course is delivered in the context of The Care Act 2014.
The course provides some knowledge for
QCF:  HSC 036; 037.1; 037.2; 3020; 3066;
SHC 34.1; 34.2
The Care Certificate: Standards 3.1,3.2; 5.1,5.2,5.7; 7.3,7.4,7.6; 13.2
MIS (2012) 4.3
The course is designed for Health & Support workers with all service user groups in a variety of settings; Residential, Home care, Day support etc.
The course will help organisations to deliver CQC Outcome 7 and provide a safer and more empowering environment for service users.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:
  • What is meant by ‘Risk Assessment’, ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Risk Estimation’
  • That life is a ‘risky business’ and that people have a right to take risk
  • How the exercising of choice links with a range of Good Practice guidelines & standards
    incl. H & S Offences Act (2008); Managing H&S at Work Regs. (1999); ‘Independence, Choice and Risk-a guide to best practice in supported decision making’- DoH (2007)
  • How easy it is for helpers to misuse their power through oppressive or negligent practice
  • Staff responsibilities in Safeguarding and Protection
  • When risk is unacceptable and what action is appropriate when this is the case
  • How to advocate for service users’ rights in a respectful and empathic way
  • The organisation’s policy on Risk
  • Risk Assessment formats and how to use them
  • Person Centred Risk Assessment & Management
  • How to engage service users in the process
  • What happens if they cannot or will not engage, including advocacy
  • Link the risk assessment to the support plan
Training methods utilised include: Presentations, Role-play, Trust exercises, Word-storming, Feedback, Discussion, Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Group work, Handouts