Course Profile

Course Profile: Restorative Approach (1 Day)
The restorative approach involves staff working with service users to explore the reasons why they behave in the way they do, the emotions behind the behaviour, the impact the behaviour has on others and alternative ways of behaving which can have a more positive result.

This course has been designed to raise awareness of the issues surrounding this methodology and how it can be applied in a caring environment to assist in promoting effective conflict resolution. The course will provide staff with a clear understanding of the benefits of using restorative approaches and how they can provide better outcomes for everyone involved in the process, using the most up-to-date research and practice from the UK and further afield.
The course provides some knowledge for
QCF Units: CYP 3/1, CYP 3/2, CYP3/6, CYP3/7, SCMP3, SHC32, YPO06, CYPOP7, CYP3/5, CYPOP14, CYPOP22, CYPOP35, CYPOP37, HSC3045, LDSSMP2, LLUK302, SHC31, YP016
The course is designed for Residential and other childcare staff and all workers seeking to deal with challenging behaviours in family and group settings

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • The content, themes, core concepts and strategies of the restorative approach
  • The benefits of using it in practice
  • The ways that restorative approaches are being used to achieve better outcomes
  • Empowering professionals in developing problem solving and assertiveness skills in children
  • Simple practical teaching activities designed to increase the ability of young people to effectively use restorative approaches
Training methods utilised include: Presentations, Games, Activity sheets, Feedback, Discussion, Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Group work, DVD and Handouts