Course Profile

Course Profile: Neurological Conditions (1 Day)
This course examines the causes and effects of common neurological conditions within Health and Social Care settings and the impact they can have on the independence, dignity and choice of the individual.
Learners should develop their understanding of the impact of the conditions on the individual, their changing needs and the role of the worker in supporting them to have the best possible quality of life.
This course supports the Social Care Commitment and is set in the context of The Care Act 2014 (promoting health and wellbeing).
The course provides some knowledge for

The course is designed for Health & Social Care workers in all settings.
The course will help organisations meet the CQC fundamental standards.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:
  • What is meant by a 'neurological condition' and the most common neurological conditions
  • The causes, effects, signs, symptoms of a range of conditions, to include:
    Strokes, Parkinson's disease, Epilepsy, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis
  • The impact of these conditions on the individual: physical, psychological and social
  • The progression of these conditions and the changing needs of the person in response
  • What is meant by 'Person Centred' support and the impact on the individual
  • How to help maintain the person's dignity
  • How to ensure that the principles of Diversity are integrated into the support plan
  • How to ensure that support is culturally appropriate
  • How to ensure that the person maintains their human rights through the development of the condition; to include making choices and directing their support as far as they are able
  • What happens to them physically and emotionally when they are excluded and socially isolated
  • How to support people in terms of daily living
  • The challenges that may present and how to overcome these
  • The skills required for effective support
  • The effectiveness and importance of using multi-agency and team working
Training methods utilised include: Presentations, Chalk & Talk, PowerPoint, Group work, Handouts, Tutor presentations