Course Profile

Course Profile: Mediation & Conflict Management (1 Day)
This will introduce participants to the theory, process and practice of mediation. The course is highly interactive and participants will learn the necessary skills and techniques needed to run a successful mediation session. The course teaches participants how to mediate and whilst some conflict resolution skills are needed this course is not directly training in conflict resolution.
The course is informed by ACAS and a range of theory bases including Rogerian Counselling, Rational Emotive Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis (Berne & Ware) and Helping Skills (Egan). The course is set in the context of the Care Act (2014), supports the Social Care Commitment and will help organisations meet the CQC Fundamental Standards.
The course provides some knowledge for
NHS KSF:  Core 1.3
Care Certificate: 3, 6
MIS (2012): 3.2
The course is designed for all staff working at all levels in a variety of roles and in diverse Health & Social Care settings.
The course can easily be adapted for those working in other areas e.g. industry, commerce, the Law etc.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • What the term ‘Mediation’ means
  • The role of a Mediator and the skills required to facilitate effective Mediation
  • How the process of Mediation works in practice
  • How to introducing the concept to those involved
  • Building a contract
  • How to engage with those involved
  • How to set appropriate boundaries
  • The active listening skills involved
  • How to create a ‘safe’ space
  • The importance of having uninterrupted time
  • What and how to take notes
  • What and how to feed back relevant information
  • The ‘difficult’ behaviour that may emerge
  • How to manage ‘difficult’ behaviour
  • When there is a need for time out
  • When to activate time out
  • Finding common ground
  • Role modelling good process
  • Follow on work
Training methods utilised include: Tutor presentations, Chalk & talk, Group work, PowerPoint, Pairs work, Word shower, Role play, Handouts