Course Profile

Course Profile: Managing Change (1 Day)
Life is unpredictable and change will happen. The process of change will run its natural course with all the fallout involved or it can be harnessed and managed so as to be a positive experience for those involved.
This course aims to help learners understand the nature of change and its management as a dominant theme of modern management. Practical strategies will be developed to enable participants to manage change effectively for themselves, staff and people receiving health & social care services.
The course is informed by a range of management and motivational theory. It is set in the context of the Care Act (2014), supports the Social Care Commitment and will help organisations meet the CQC Fundamental Standards.
The course provides some knowledge for
NHS KSF:  Core 1.3, 4.3, 5.3
QCF: 2.3, 2.4
MIS: 10.1
The course is designed for managers working in a variety of roles and in diverse settings.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • Why change occurs
  • The dangers of getting ‘stuck’ with what has been & how change can present exciting challenges
  • The type of changes that take place and understanding the change
  • The need to assess the impact of the change
  • The resources required to manage the change
  • How to set realistic short and longer term goals
  • How to prioritise
  • How to decide on timescales
  • How to draw up action plans
  • The need to anticipate the impact of change and identifying possible responses;  typical processes
  • What is meant by resistance and common reasons why change is met be resistance
  • How poor management can stimulate resistance
  • How to communicate effectively through the process of change
  • The need to share responsibility
  • How to delegate during the process
  • How to change a culture
  • How to monitor progress
  • Maintaining momentum and building on change
Training methods utilised include: Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Large and small group work, Practice study, Handouts, Chalk & Talk, problem solving