Course Profile

Course Profile: Introduction to Makaton (Half Day)
This workshop provides a comprehensive and enjoyable introduction to working with the Makaton Core Vocabulary. The aim of the course is to familiarise participants with the introductory concepts and the history and development of Makaton. Due to the practical nature of the course and so as to ensure that all learners receive guidance, numbers attending is limited to 12.
The course is tutored by Nigel Reid, a Makaton Regional Tutor with 20 years teaching experience.
The course provides some knowledge for
NHS KSF: Core 1.4
Care Certificate: 2.2c, 6.2, 6.3, 6.5
QCF: HSC31; 3029

The course is designed for health and social care in the field of Learning Disabilities. The course can be adapted for work with other adults and children with pre-verbal communication.
The course will help organisations to deliver CQC Fundamental Standards.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • Know what Makaton is and how it started
  • Know the origins of the signs used in Makaton
  • Understand what is meant by Makaton symbols and the range of symbols
  • Be able to explain why signs and symbols may be useful when communicating with people with Learning Disabilities
  • Be able to assess how signs and symbols might be used in the work place
  • Be able to communicate key phrases using Makaton
  • Understand how Makaton fits in with other signing systems such as BSL
  • Be able to identify how to use signs and symbols in assessing the needs and wants of service users who use Makaton
Training methods utilised include: Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Group work, Handouts, Chalk & Talk, Video examples