Course Profile

Course Profile: Interviewing Skills (2 Days)
Personal bias and unskilled interviewing can not only lead to inappropriate appointments being made but can rob organisations of the opportunity to employ valuable staff. Not only can this be unfair, it can also be very costly to the organisation. This course presents the legislation and Good Practice guidelines that interviewers need to understand and comply with in order to ensure that this activity is conducted in a fair way.
This course aims to ensure that managers have the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake fair and effective interviews and from these are able to make the best appointments to posts. This practical course is informed by ACAS Advisory Booklet: ‘Recruitment & Induction’ and ‘Recruitment: An overview’ (CIPD fact sheet) The course is set in the context of the Care Act (2014), supports the Social Care Commitment and will help organisations meet the CQC Fundamental Standards.
The course provides some knowledge for
QCF:  016
The course is designed for senior staff and managers in all areas of Health & Social Care, Allied professions and other settings.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • The legislative framework within which recruitment interviews operate
  • The impact of discrimination and other recruitment related legislation on the interview process
  • Planning the interview: formulating questions; working from the person specification etc
  • The different selection methods: The different types of interviews and their appropriateness
  • How to make selection interviews as effective as possible; Supplementary selection methods
  • Panel Interviews: Advantages, Disadvantages, The role of the Chair, Conducting panel interviews
  • Planning interviews: organisationally and personally
  • How first impressions, stereotyping and prejudice can impact on the interview process
  • Different questioning techniques
  • How to open, chair, participate and close an interview
  • What is meant by Active Listening Skills and how to apply them to an interview context
  • How to lead and contribute to a panel decision regarding the offer of a job to a successful candidate; staying within the law
  • Recording skills: What and how to record
Training methods utilised include: Group Work, PowerPoint, Handouts, Chalk & Talk, Feedback, Group work, Tutor presentations, Feedback, Practice examples