Course Profile

Course Profile: Employment Contracts: Meeting Expectations (1 Day)
This course aims to give learners an appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of the Employer and Employee as well as an understanding of the ‘Psychological’ contract - what do both parties want over and above the legal contract? The sessions examine these areas in the light of good employment practice and concludes with an Action Planning session where participants consider how to change their practice and facilitate change in their teams.
The course is informed by material from the CIPD.  The course is set in the context of the Care Act (2014), supports the Social Care Commitment and will help organisations meet the CQC Fundamental Standards.
The course provides some knowledge for
NHS KSF:  G6.3
QCF: M2c, SHC52, LM2a
MIS (2012): 3.2, 5, 9
The course is designed for Managers, Deputy Managers and Senior Staff working within a range of settings.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • What is meant by a ‘contract’; the generic elements
  • Why ‘contracts tend to be effective
  • When contracts are ineffective
  • What is meant by the ‘contract’ of employment
  • The terms and conditions of employment
  • What each party can expect from the other
  • What to do in the event of breaches
  • What the Psychological Contract is and its value in enhancing good employment relationships
  • Meeting employer and employee expectations in terms of the Psychological Contract
  • What constitutes good employment practice
  • How this can strengthen the Psychological Contract
  • How to develop an Action Plan to enable them to get the best from their staff
Training methods utilised include: Tutor presentations, Pairs work, Chalk and talk, Group work, Handouts, PowerPoint