Course Profile

Course Profile: Confidence Building (1 Day)
Lack of confidence can inhibit people’s potential. This course, taking workshop form, explores the underpinning sources of lack of confidence.  It aims to help participants examine the life experiences that possibly led to this lack of confidence and to facilitate learners examining a range of strategies that will improve self esteem and confidence at work; their own and that of service users.
The course is informed by Assertive principles, Rogerian theory and TA theory.
The course supports the Social Care Commitment and is set in the context of The Care Act 2014 (promoting health and wellbeing).
The course provides some knowledge for
Care Cert: 2, 5.6, 7.3
QCF: SGC 021, 022,
NHS KSF: Core 1.3, 2.3
The course is designed for Health & Support staff working at all levels in a variety of services.
The course will help organisations to deliver the CQC fundamental standards.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • What it means to be ‘assertive’
  • The need for staff to be assertive in the workplace as a way of role modeling
  • How confidence and positive self esteem help service users develop skills and life potential
  • The potential consequences of lack of confidence, including the impact of non assertive behaviour on performance/competence and problem solving
  • How lack of confidence impacts on relationships and safety
  • What leads to some of us being under-confident. What were the influences?
  • How negative experiences such as failure, knock one’s confidence
  • Options for healing; what can be done to draw a line underneath the past and start anew
  • How the environment can promote positive self esteem
  • What can be done to develop confidence: e.g.
                -a valid role in society
                      -being valued
                      -having a sense of potency
                      -having responsibilities
                      -a sense of independence
  • How services can help increase levels of confidence
  • Different ways staff can promote a sense of worth and growth
Training methods utilised include: theoretical presentation with experiential methods. Tutor presentations, PowerPoint, Chalk & talk, Small and larger Group work, Pairs work, Handouts, Feedback, Ideas shower