Course Profile

Course Profile: Abuse Awareness
for People with Learning Disabilities
(Half Day)
This course is to help people understand what abuse is.
They will also know the different ways abuse can happen.
They will know how abuse makes people feel.
They will know how important it is to tell somebody if abuse is happening to them or someone else.
The course is for people who have Learning Disabilities.
Some people may want someone else to be with them on the course.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

• What does ‘abuse’ mean?
• The different ways someone can be abused
• How it feels to be abused
• Why some people abuse other people
• It’s not the person’s fault!
• Saying ‘NO!’ to things that make you feel bad
• Who can we tell?
• Why it might be scary telling somebody
• Who can help us tell
The course is serious but we will have some fun as well.