Our Associate Consultants are highly experienced and appropriately qualified to provide consultancy & support in their areas of expertise. Examples include:

• • Full training needs audits
• • Training planning
• • Full or departmental organisational reviews
• • Team dynamics
• • Crisis Management
• • Policy review
• • Policy formulation
• • Project Management
• • Systems review
• • Systems design
• • Management of Change
• • Team Building
• • Support/Supervision for Senior Management
• • Human Resources
• • Organisational development

We do not offer ‘off the shelf’ consultancy and therefore every aspect of consultancy work we might undertake for you would be carefully tailored to meet your very specific needs.

After an initial briefing has taken place and a working agreement established, the consultant would discuss your needs with you in more detail. They might make a range of suggestions to achieve the best value for your investment and the most positive outcomes. Once a strategy has been agreed, the consultant will formalise these ideas and after you have considered this and agreed to proceed, a more detailed action plan would be negotiated.

During the implementation of the agreed plan, the consultant would continually evaluate progress and provide feedback which might include recommendations for plan modification.

At the end of the contract the trainer would provide more formal evaluation and perhaps make recommendation for future development.