A-Z Full List

Abuse Awareness (Learning Disabilities)
Abuse in Residential Settings
Accessing and Sharing Information
Active Listening in Mental Health
Active Listening Skills
Activities for People with Dementia
Administrating of Medication (For Children’s Services)
Administrating of Medication (Storage, Administration, Disposal and Recording)
Adolescent Development
Advocacy for Support Workers
Ageing (Aspects) and Age Related Physical Conditions
Ageing and Learning Disabilities
Aggression and Violence
Alcohol and Substance Use Awareness
Allegations and Safer Caring
Anger Management (Young People)
Anxiety and Depression
Appraisal for Appraisees
Arthritis Awareness
Assertive Management
Assertiveness and Team Work
Assertiveness for Men
Assertiveness for Service Users
Assertiveness for Women
Assertiveness Skills
Assertiveness Skills for Office Staff
Assessment, Risk & Exit Plans (For Children’s Services)
Autism (Advanced)
Autism Awareness
Bereavement and Loss
Bereavement and Loss (Advanced)
Boundaries and Good Practice
Boundaries for office based staff
Bribery Act
Building Positive Relationships
Care Act (Half Day)
Care Act (1 Day)
Care and Support Planning
Care and Support Planning Advanced
Care and Support Planning (Half Day)
Care and Support Planning (Risk Assessment)
Care Planning (For Children’s Services)
Case Recording
Case Recording for Social Workers and Managers
Chairing Meetings and Reviews
Chairing Safeguarding Meetings and Reviews
Challenging Behaviour
Challenging Behaviour Autistic Spectrum Condition
Challenging Behaviour - Complex Need (Mental Health)
Challenging Behaviour - Dual Diagnosis (Learning Disabilities and Mental Health)
Challenging Behaviour (Learning Disabilities)
Change and Loss (Learning Disabilities)
Childhood Sexual Exploitation
Client Motivation and Confidence
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Communicable Diseases and Infection Control
Communicating Effectively Building Positive Relationships - for Managers
Communication and Profound Learning Disabilities
Communication with Older People
Complaints procedure
Confidence Building
Conflict Management and Mediation
Constructive Conversations
COSHH and Infection Control
Creative Group Work
Creative Group Work (Mental Health)
Customer Care (Generic)
Customer Care in Health and Social Care
Customer Care (Managers)
Data Protection, Confidentiality & GDPR
Dealing with Challenging People and Conversations
Dealing with Conflict & Aggression (Mental Health)
Death, Dying and Bereavement
Dementia (Advanced)
Dementia (Half Day)
Dementia and Down’s Syndrome
Dementia and Learning Disabilities
Dementia Care in a Domiciliary Setting
Depression in Older People
De-escalation in Mental Health
Diabetes and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition
Diet, Nutrition and Hydration
Dignity in Care (Advanced)
Dignity in Care Awareness
Direct Support with Older People
Disability Awareness
Disciplinary, Grievance and Investigation
Domestic Abuse
Down’s Syndrome and Fulfilling Lives
Dual Diagnosis (Learning Disability and Mental Health)
Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and Substance Use)
Effective Communication Skills
Effective Delegation
Eligibility for Care & Support
Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
Employment and Learning Disabilities
Employment Contracts: Meeting Expectations
Empowerment in Learning Disability Services
Empowerment in Mental Health Services
Engaging with Vulnerable Adults with Communication Difficulties
Epilepsy - Good Practice
Equality and Diversity for Admin Staff
Equality, Diversity for Care/Support Staff
Equality and Diversity for Interviewers
Equality and Diversity for Managers
Equality and Diversity (Learning Disabilities)
Equality Impact Assessments
Falls Prevention
Falls Prevention (Older People)
Families of Mental Health Service Users
Families of Service Users
Financial Abuse
Fire, Home and Personal Safety
Fire Safety
Fire Safety (Refresher)
First Aid at Work (FAW)
First Aid at Work Requalification (FAWR)
Food Safety
Food Safety Award CIEH Level 2
Food Safety Award CIEH Level 3
From the Institutions to Fulfilling Lives
Getting the Relationship Right - with your Home Carer
Good Practice for Home Carers
Group Supervision
Group Work
Health Action Plans
Health and Safety for Safety Representatives
Health and Safety (Introduction)
Health and Safety Risk Assessment
Healthy Living and Nutrition
HIV Awareness
Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (for Staff Working in Children’s Services)
Introduction to Social Pedagogy
Infection Control
Infection Control (Half Day)
Information Sharing and Confidentiality
Interviewing Skills
Key Working
Key Working and Support Planning
Letter Writing in the Workplace
Learning Disability Awareness
Leaving Care
Life Story Work with Unaccompanied Minors
Lone Working and Personal Safety
Lone Working and Personal Safety Advanced
Lone Working and Risk (Learning Disabilities)
Makaton (2 Days)
Makaton Follow On Course
Makaton for Children
Makaton (Introduction)
Management and Leadership - Introduction
Management Committee (Introduction)
Management Skills Improver
Manager as a Coach
Managing Across Professional Boundaries
Managing Aggression
Managing Appraisals
Managing Attendance
Managing Budgets for the first time
Managing Care and Support Plans
Managing Change
Managing Difficult Teams
Managing Performance
Managing Person Centred Practice
Managing your own Stress - for Managers
Mediation and Conflict Management
Medical Conditions
Medical perspectives of Learning Disabilities
Medication Administration (Storage, Administration, Disposal and Recording)
Medication Administration - Half Day (Refresher)
Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Mental Capacity Act including DoLS for Social Workers/Senior Practitioners
Mental Health Act
Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act
Mental Health and Institutionalisation
Mental Health and its Impact
Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness and Recovery
Mental Health and Older People
Mental Health Awareness for Office Based Staff
Minute Taking
Motivational Interviewing
Motivational Interviewing (For Children's Services)
Motivating Teams
Motivating your Team
Moving and Handling of Children and Young People
Moving and Handling of Loads
Moving and Handling of Loads (Half Day)
Moving and Handling of People
Moving and Handling of People and Loads
Moving and Handling of People with Equipment
Moving and Handling of People with Equipment (Refresher)
Moving and Handling Risk Assessment
National Eligibility Framework
Needs Assessment
Negotiating Skills
Neurological Conditions
Night Care - Older People
Night Support (Mental Health)
Nutrition and Hydration
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Office Health and Safety
Older People and Falls Prevention
Paediatric First Aid - 12 Hour Adult, Infant/Child First Aid Training
Parkinson's Disease
People who Experience Psychosis or Hear Voices
Personalisation and Person Centred Approaches
Personality Disorders
Personal Safety
Person Centred Planning
Person Centred Planning (Mental Health)
Person Centred Planning (Older People)
Person Centred Risk Assessment
Physical Disability Awareness
Positive Communication Skills
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pressure Care and Prevention of Pressure Sores
Professional Boundaries and Good Practice
Promoting Inclusion and Involvement
Public Speaking Skills
Quality Assurance
Receiving Supervision
Recording Skills for Administrators
Recording Skills for Social Workers and Managers
Recruitment and Selection
Reflective Practitioner
Relationships with NLP Improver
Relationships with Service Users
Report Writing and Record Keeping
Report Writing for Managers
Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers
Resilience in children and young people
Respectful Intimate and Personal Care
Responding to a Health Emergency
Resistance and Low Motivation
Risk Assessment (Mental Health)
Risk Assessment (Service User based)
Restorative Approach
Retaining Staff
Role of the Support Worker (Professional Boundaries)
Safeguarding Adults and the Care Act 2014
Safeguarding Adults Managing Enquiries
Safeguarding and Protective Behaviours
Safeguarding Children and Young People
Safeguarding Completing an Effective Adult Inquiry
Safeguarding for Managers
Safeguarding Minute Taking for Team Administrators
Safeguarding Older People
Self Harm
Self Harm and Learning Disabilities
Self Management
Sensory Impairment
Sexuality and Difference
Sexuality and Learning Disabilities
Sexuality and Mental Health
Sexuality and Personal Relationships
Sexuality and Physical Disabilities
Skilled Interviewee
Skills Assessment and Goal Setting (Learning Disabilities)
Skills Teaching
Skills to Foster
Social and Activity Support for Older People
Social Work Law (For Children’s Services)
Solution Focused Approaches
So you think you want to be a Manager?
Staff Consultation and Influencing Skills
Staff Wellbeing
Stress and Time Management
Stress Management
Stroke Awareness
Substance Use Awareness
Substance Use (Learning Disabilities)
Suicide and Self-Harm
Suicide and Self Harm (Advanced)
Supervising Pairs
Supervising Volunteers
Supervision Advanced
Supervison Coaching and Performance
Supervision Foundation
Supervision Intermediate
Support and Care Planning
Support and Care Planning Advanced
Support and Care Planning (Half Day)
Support and Care Planning (Risk Assessment)
Support Planning
Supporting Gay and Lesbian Older People
Supporting Older People - a Person Centred Approach
Supporting People at the End of Life
Supporting People to be a part of their Community
Supporting Self-Medication (Mental Health)
Team Building
Team Working
Skilled Interviewee
Time Management
Training and Presentation Skills
Training the Trainer in the Mental Capacity Act
Understanding the Ageing Process
Violence and Aggression
Visual Impairment Awareness
Well-Being and Healthy Lifestyles
Women's Health
Working with Couples
Working with Families of Service Users
Young People and Mental Health
Young People, Effective Communication and Understanding Anger