Our trainers


Being mindful of the enormous impact trainers can have on individuals, groups and organisations, trainers recruited by Norman Mark Training undergo careful scrutiny. Our recruitment process is highly developed and includes formal application, interviews as well as a ‘live audition’ to ensure that trainers meet our high standards.

We work with trainers that have:

• Hands on experience of residential /social care/support
• Management experience in the field
• A relevant qualification
• A proven training track record

Through the process of interviews and ‘auditions’ trainers need to demonstrate:

• A sound knowledge base
• A clear understanding of good and ethical practice
• A commitment to promoting Equality and Diversity
• Outstanding communication skills
• A broad range of training techniques
• An understanding of Group Dynamics
• Group work skills
• The ability to work with challenge
• An authentic, respectful and empathic attitude
• Liveliness, humour, warmth & openness
• A desire to work within an ethical framework

Ongoing support, supervision and development

Norman Mark training is committed to very slow growth so as to retain an intimacy within the organisation and uphold the values that underpin our work. Trainers who join us commit themselves to ongoing learning and development, and the organisation assists this by way of providing support in the design and delivery of training.

Trainers are required to engage in individual Supervision and to develop and continually upgrade their knowledge base.
Those trainers who are not already qualified are working towards the Diploma in Teaching in The Lifelong Learning Sector.