Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of Norman Mark to develop, operate and maintain the company’s operations with due regard to the environment and all activities undertaken by the company shall be subject to this policy. We will comply with all legal requirements and will incorporate environmental management throughout the company. The company is wholly committed to consistently improving its environmental performance by targeting the following objectives and all employees are responsible for working towards the objectives:

1. To promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues throughout the company.
2. To take all practical steps to identify and limit pollution and contamination to the environment.
3. To utilise, wherever possible, the use of alternative, more sustainable materials and equipment.
4. To ensure that they are reused or recycled where applicable and disposed of responsibly.
5. To reduce the waste of natural resources, promote waste reduction and optimise recycling.
6. To monitor and ensure compliance with legislation and continually work towards improvement.
7. To identify a named staff member to lead the implementation, monitoring and review of policy.

Practical steps to take

1. Re-use envelopes for internal mail and wherever possible use two paper sides.
2. Use refillable ink cartridges for computers.
3. Send empty cartridges for recycling.
4. Use available recycling facilities and ensure that they are fit for purpose (3rd party responsibility)
5. Use non-toxic refillable felt tipped pens for training.
6. Use the whiteboard as much as possible, rather than flip chart paper.
7. Re use folders etc for internal purposes.
8. When warm, turn down the heating before choosing to open a window (& leaving heating on).
9. Use e mail rather than post letters.
10. Use the back of flip chart paper for small group work.
11. Rather than discard any materials or equipment check if somebody else could use them.
12. Act as a role model for groups e.g. drinking tap water rather than bottled water.
13. Check with venue staff if there are any recycling facilities for paper, plastic bottles, etc.
14. Do not use artificial lighting if it is a well lit room.
15. Use public transport wherever possible rather than your car.
16. Where ever possible use non toxic and recyclable materials.
17. Where possible purchase products from companies with Environmental Policies.
18. Ensure regular opportunities for staff to develop policy.

January 2012